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June 2019

Just back from a busy two weeks of travel. I was in Manchester teaching on the British Hand Society Masterclass in Wrist Reconstruction Surgery. Then in Berlin for the International Federation of Hand Societies Meeting - four days and nearly four thousand hand specialists! Lots of good discussion and catching up with colleagues. Our UCLH research paper on the groundbreaking use of 4DCT scans in assessing wrist instability went down well too.

March 2019

Nice to teach my favourite subject, wrist biomechanics, on the UCL Sports Medicine Masters Degree Course! Lots of good questions from the students in the lecture hall and on the web-broadcast!

February 2019

Lots of tips and tricks given away at the Practical Preparation for Orthopaedic ST3 Interview Course run at UCLH. Thanks to the faculty and Synthes for the support.

November 2018

Enjoyed hosting the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health Winter Sports Symposium with Abbas Rashid. Fantastic turnout and lots of good feedback. Hope everyone came away learning something before the winter chill hits!

September 2018

Had a great day running the Preparation for FRCS (Tr&Orth) Course at University College Hospital for senior surgical trainees about to take their final exam. Many thanks to my colleagues for all your time and effort in supporting the course and good luck to all the candidates!

July 2018

Delighted to hear we have had our paper accepted in Medical Teacher - a review of medical student learning in the operating theatre.  Should help with all the UCL Medical Students learning in our the Orthopaedic Department, and others in centres nationally and internationally. 

June 2018

Travelled to Copenhagen for the European Hand Society Annual Meeting.  Fantastic to catch up with old friends and learn some new tricks.  Great city too!

Co-lead a Surgical Simulation Course at UCLH.  New course concept with Interdisciplinary simulation - surgeons, anaesthetists and scrub nurses all working together.   Lots of good learning from the delegates.  Hope to expand this in the future.

February 2018

Delighted to host a national course at UCLH preparing trainee surgeons for their application interviews for specialist orthoapedic surgical training.  Lots of help from fantastic colleagues made this a great day.   

October 2017

Travelling for a week on the European Wrist Arthroscopy Tour, organised by the European Wrist Arthroscopy Society, visiting specialists in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Reims.  Some very interesting techniques shared for minimally invasive surgery in the hand and wrist.  Many thanks to our hosts for the excellent evenings too!  

September 2017

Busy running one international and one national course this month!  The Essential Hand Cadaveric Workshop training surgeons in the crucial surgical skills and procedures in hand surgery and the UCLPartners Preparation for FRCS (Tr&Orth) Course teaching surgeons embarking on their final examination before becoming Consultants.  Thanks to all the amazing Faculty teaching on the courses that made them such a success.

July 2017

Excellent course at renowned Wrightington Hospital on wrist replacement surgery.  Really enjoyed catching up with the Faculty and great understanding of this complex procedure.

June 2017

Taught 20 Orthopaedic Registrars on the North West London Rotation Education Programme about how to treat patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis in the hand and wrist.  How to make a complex problem more simple....

Held the first UCLH Surgical Instrumentation Workshop for junior surgeons.  Hands on training in the use of the 'tools of the trade'.  Lots of fun and learning and really great feedback from the surgeons.  Looking forward to the next one already.

May 2017

Met with an academic from University College London's Institute of Education to discuss collaborating on a research project - exploring how surgeons make decisions during operations.  Grant application going in soon!

April 2017

Presentation of our scientific study at British Society for Surgery of the Hand meeting in Bath.   Work was based on our results at UCLH in the use of an advanced, non invasive technique in accelerating bone healing for patients with non unions of the hand and wrist.

March 2017

Interviewing all day in Leeds today on the interview panel for National Selection ST3 Interviews for Trauma and Orthopaedics. Lots of great candidates making it a tough time marking for the 'golden ticket' training numbers. 

Had a great team trip to the Munich Arthrolab with several hand surgeons from the UK.  Working with other international hand and wrist surgeons perfecting advanced surgical techniques for complex conditions using keyhole surgery.

February 2017

Enjoyed running a national course as Co-Director of the 'Practical Procedures for Orthopaedic ST3 Interviews' at University College Hospital - for junior surgeons applying to coveted training posts.  Lots of hands on practical experience and answering questions under pressure.  Good luck everyone in the interviews and thanks to the fantastic Faculty.

Delighted to be invited to lecture at the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH) on the Masters Degree in Sports Medicine Programme at UCL.  Great audience and lots of good questions on the anatomy and biomechanics of the hand and wrist – my favourite topic!

January 2017

Honoured to be awarded 'Surgeon of the Year' at University College Hospital at the Directorate meeting this month.  Nice to have the recognition from fellow staff members, but it's definitely a team effort!

December 2016

Appointed as Surgical Tutor for University College London Hospitals - responsible for the surgical education of all the Core Surgical Trainees in the Hospital.  Represent the Royal College of Surgeons and work with the London School of Surgery to optimise the training of junior surgeons.  I'm really excited about this new role and maximising the potential of our fantastic junior surgeons at UCLH.

November 2016

Nominated for ‘Trainer of the Year’ for the Percival Pott Orthopaedic Training rotation – fantastic dinner at St Bart’s Great Hall

Lecture for the team at Marlebone Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine.  Great to meet you all!

October 2016

Presented a scientific paper to the British Society for Surgery of the Hand Meeting in Cardiff - Kienbock's disease and a new surgical technique to treat it:  Great to catch up with old friends and colleagues.

September 2016

Travelled to Antwerp for a three day international elbow surgery course with worldwide faculty and expertise

Our research from University College Hospital presented at the 4th European Hand Injury Prevention Congress in Oxford - Cyling related hand and wrist injuries at a central London hospital: a serious concern

Profile published on the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health website - read here for more information and links to ISEH facilities

July 2016

Featured in the Princess Grace Hospital GP Newsletter

Lecture at The Princess Grace GP Lecture Programme on 'The management of pain in the hand, wrist and elbow' at 108 Baker Street.

June 2016

Lecture at The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health on 'Sports injuries of the hand and wrist'


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